In 1962, Shihan Chuzo Kotaka won the All Japan Championship, the most prestigious karate tournament in Japan, even to today. Shortly after, Kotaka Sensei was asked by many karate organizations to open a school in the United States as well as in other countries. In 1965, Kotaka Sensei, at the age of 23, came to Hawaii on a goodwill tour and decided that it was here that he would make his hombu (home). Kotaka Sensei established the International Karate Federation (IKF) in 1966.

Since the opening of IKF's first dojo, Kotaka-Ha Shito-Ryu has grown statewide and on the mainland USA. Kotaka Sensei, 9th Dan, chief instructor and president of IKF, has developed many outstanding black belts and instructors over the past years. Many of which are currently active in various national and international competitions, refereeing, and continuing the development of the fine art of Kotaka-Ha Shito-Ryu.

Kotaka Sensei has inspired many students to achieve high levels of skill and determination through his teachings. His ongoing dedication to karate and its development has made Kotaka Sensei one of the nations leading instructors. Many of the IKF instructors have carried on the same tradition as Kotaka Sensei and have actively contributed to the betterment of the art.

Over the past 16 years, IKF has been recognized as the #1 karate school in the nation according to the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). No other school has been able to bring home more gold medals in one single event like International Karate Federation. As well as being the best in the nation, several IKF students are also world champions! Through their dedication and commitment to the art, they will continue to succeed as will the other students that follow in their footsteps.